Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Climateers Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Climateers is developing a platform for climate action takers to come together to meet, learn, plan and inspire climate action.

At Climateers Pty Ltd (ACN 665 514 045) (“Climateers”, “we”, “us”) your privacy is important to us. We are committed to protecting your privacy when managing your personal information. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information is handled carefully and securely in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (” Privacy Act”).


One of the three pillars is the network of Community Spaces a.k.a.  Online Collaboration Spaces. This network is a software service product developed and maintained by Mighty Networks in California who have deep experience in running secure community networks since they were founded in 2012.

The Climateers Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is the same as the Mighty Networks Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This document was last updated in May 2024 and the updates of the Mighty Networks terms and conditions are provided at the aforementioned links.

The detailed Terms of Use explains content policies including You (and the people you license Your Content from) keep complete ownership of all Your Content. By posting Your Content on the Service, you grant us a license to show it on your Mighty Network, but you and your licensors still own it.

A detailed privacy statement is provided that outlines the mechanics of how this platform works and protects your privacy while still providing a good user experience for those wanting to learn and network in a community environment.

It outlines the roles of a visitors to the webpages of the network, members who tregister for an account or as a host.

Climateers acts as a host for all spaces within the Climateers Network and provides the spaces service to various environmental organisations so they can engage and support their communities. These organisations such as Rotary groups and Climate Action Week Sydney are co-hosts of their space.

As outlined in the detailed privacy policy spaces can be set to be public, private or secret.

Unless otherwise indicated most spaces on the Climateers Network are set as ‘public’ which means if you join a particular public space it can be seen by others on the wider Climateers network. This provides the opportunity for climate action takers to have wider visibility of the climate action being taken around the world.

If you elect to become a member rather than a visitor, you will have the opportunity to edit your Personal Settings to manage your privacy settings such as cookies and notifications.

It is not possible to hide your profile, so if you prefer not to make your profile public, you should not complete a personal profile. If however, you’d like to maximise your connections with like-minded people on a journey to create better outcomes for the world we live in, please do fill out your profile and join the spaces that interest you to increase your reach and networks of friends and colleagues.

Similarly it is not possible for us to hide a Community Space unless we make it secret. The drawback of this is it reduces the opportunity for people to find your space and grow its participation rates. Spaces that are set to secret can also not be found by search engines.


Climateers will soon be launching the second pillar of its platform which will have similar terms of use and privacy policy. It will also be possible to be a visitor and use the directories without being logged in a member. Because it is a separate pillar and hosted on different servers, if you do register for an account and become a member of this service, it is different to the Community Spaces.


Climateers is also developing the service for people and businesses to prepare custom Climate Action Plans.

Initially this pillar of the Climateers Platform is hidden. When launched so that people and organisations can publish their Climate Action Plans publically, there will be robust privacy protection options. All public facing data will default to the highest level of security so that no sensitive information can be seen.

A separate and more detailed and restrictive Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Climateers Climate Action Plans and the Transition Plans Coalition are under development and will be published shortly.