Connecting the Climate Alarmed with Opportunity

We make it easy for people and businesses alarmed by the climate crisis to take action to unlock the opportunities it creates.

We bring them together around climate solutions such as Food Waste to create local collaborative ecosystems of action. In the process we’re creating a gateway to all things climate, locally and globally.

We are exhibiting at the National Food Waste Summit in Melbourne July 24/25th 

Find out how we are helping speed up action by building an ecosystem map of Victorian Food Waste stakeholders and inviting them to join our free online directory and ecosystem map and participate in our industry survey.

On 11th September we host the Victorian Food Waste Action Summit at Hawthorn Arts Centre.


First time here?   Find out about our business model.


We have 7 short years to create a regenerative future needed.

We believe that citizens like you, can help rewrite the end of the climate crisis story by collaborating and collectively using our superpowers to trigger the social tipping point needed for systems change.

Afterall, the solutions exist, we just need to roll them out with more speed, scale and ambition around the world…and more than 30% of our communities are climate alarmed with many stuck as to how to take effective action.



We start with a replicable prototype for one solution in one region… Food Waste In Victoria.

Our platform and blueprint tackles the core issues of complexity, fragmentation and inaction.

We break down the complexity into smaller actionable steps, foster collaboration to tackle fragmentation and incentivise action with opportunity.

We then replicate to create a global network of action taking Climateers in 1000s of local solutions ecosystems from energy storage to regenerative agriculture.



Our replicable prototype has the following steps:

  • Invite the key stakeholders to be on our Food Waste Climateers podcasts and be part of our one day Action Summit event with expert panel discussions in the morning and a citizens-assembly workshop to hack solutions and develop action plans in the afternoon.
  • Build a community by promoting the podcasts, networking events and the Action Summit via their networks of food waste and/or climate alarmed people
  • Invite the other Food Waste stakeholders to our online collaboration spaces and directories for free and map and connect the ecosystem
  • Create enough value so some chose to upgrade to be premium members and sponsors so we create a profitable business model that attracts investors for rapid growth

We then maximise the opportunity and impact by scaling to New South Wales before expanding to New Hampshire and then to Maryland where we’re also exhibitors at ReFed’s USA Food Waste summit to help propel our growth across the USA.

In our quest to create a social tipping point of opportunity, action and impact we then expand to other climate solutions like energy storage and regenerative agriculture and spread into other parts of the world. Climateers is a member-driven organisation. We share the benefits with all participants. Find out more about our Theory Of Change.