A Hero’s Journey Example

The Hero’s Journey is an archetypal story structure that involves a hero embarking on a journey, facing trials and challenges, and ultimately returning home transformed.

In the context of climate solutions, the hero could be anyone like you working to address the challenges of climate change and save life on the planet.

Here is a script for a story that follows the 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey that might be someone like you:

Step 1: The Ordinary World

Our hero is living in a world where the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. Sea levels are rising, storms are getting more intense, and species are going extinct at an alarming rate. Despite this, many people are in denial about the severity of the problem, and few are taking meaningful action to address it.

Step 2: The Call to AdventurE

One day, our hero comes across a report or news article that really hits home. They learn about the extent to which human activity is contributing to climate change, and they realize that unless something is done, the consequences could be catastrophic. This is their call to adventure – a moment when they feel a sense of purpose and determination to make a difference.

Step 3: Refusal of the Call

At first, our hero is hesitant to act. They may be worried about the personal sacrifices they would need to make, or they may be uncertain about how they can make a meaningful impact. They may also be afraid of failure or ridicule.

Step 4: Meeting the Mentor

Step 4: Meeting the Mentor

As our hero begins to overcome their doubts and reservations, they are introduced to SOLUTIONISTS.cc and its network of mentors and collaborators.

Step 5: Crossing the Threshold

With the help of their mentors and a growing sense of determination, our hero decides to take action.

They work out how to best use their skills and passion..their Climate Ikigai and join a Solutionists Volunteer Team.

This marks their crossing of the threshold into a new world of purpose and possibility.

Step 6: Tests, Allies, and Enemies

As our hero progresses on their journey, they encounter a range of challenges and obstacles. These may come in the form of skeptical friends and family, hostile politicians or corporate interests, or simply the overwhelming scale of the problem.

They also make alliesĀ  and friends along the way, including other individuals and groups who are working towards similar goals.

Step 7: Approach to the Inmost Cave

As they continue to make progress, our hero reaches a turning point where they must confront their deepest fears and doubts. This may involve a moment of intense self-reflection, or a confrontation with someone or something that represents a major obstacle to their mission.

Step 8: The Ordeal

At this stage, our hero faces their greatest trial yet. This could be a moment of crisis or conflict, where they are forced to confront their own limitations and vulnerability. It may also involve a moment of great sacrifice, where they must make a tough choice that goes against their own interests.

Step 9: The Reward

Despite the challenges and setbacks, our hero ultimately emerges victorious. They may have achieved a major milestone in their efforts to address climate change, or they may have gained a deeper understanding of the problem and what needs to be done. In any case, they experience a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Step 10: The Road Back

With their mission accomplished, our hero begins the process of returning home. This may involve sharing their experiences and insights with others, or simply reflecting on the journey they have undertaken.

Step 11: The Resurrection

Step 11: The Resurrection

As they return to their

STEP 12 - SHaring the elixir

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